Our Story

Our team at Knit Perfection is truly like no other organization’s, and here is our story:

It all started when a group of young, inspired girls met each other in their freshman year of highschool. They were committed to each other through a unified passion of giving back and, coincidentally, knitting/crocheting. It didn’t take long for these girls to know how they could combine both of their passions - and soon after began their very first non-profit organization, Knit Perfection.

At Knit Perfection, our team dedicates our time outside of academics to creating inspiring pieces of knitted items, such as mittens, blankets, hats and even sweaters. These knitted items all contain a small quote that we are personally inspired by. Every item has a story behind it - a story of determination and dedication, which is why we pride ourselves in making them.

management team
board team

Our Strategic Plan

At Knit Perfection, our team of directors and volunteers create a multitude of homemade knitted items such as: hats, sweaters, blankets, socks and mittens. On these items, you will find small inspirational quotes to uplift those who wear our items.

After creating these items, we make sure to pack and deliver them to shelters that we have partnered up with. These items are worn by women and children in the shelters, and ultimately are designed as a means of making them feel inspired to remain the resilient beings that they are.

In the upcoming years, we look forward to achieving the goals that we have set to make with the support of our community. To learn more about our goals, take a look at our social media networking (link to the about us page!)!

For more information contact our Administrative Executive Office, Michelle Pokua at knitperfection@gmail.com.